We all know that a healthy garden begins with healthy soil.  For most of us the option of removing the soil that we have and starting over with top of the line soil is not an option. We can however add to and amend our soil on a regular basis that will over time improve its structure. One way we can accomplish this is by using compost to add organic matter and nutrients back to our soil. It is very easy to buy compost at the store in pre-packaged bags to use at home and just as easy to start a compost bin or pile at your house. When you follow the directions you don’t have to worry about any smells or small animals being attracted to your compost location. Simply choose a sunny spot that is somewhat indiscreet in your yard. You don’t want the compost pile to be the focal point when entertaining. Now you can transfer a city compost container or another container that your purchased and begin placing vegetable and fruit waste from the kitchen, grass clippings and garden trimmings and alternate that with a shovel full of soil. The goal is the bacteria in the soil will break down your vegetable and garden waste into usable organic matter that can be used in less than 6 weeks. As you continue the process remember to turn the contents in your compost container every week to help it in its break down process. In a matter of weeks you will be rewarded with what some gardeners refer to as brown gold. You can add the compost to your flowerbeds, flower containers and your lawn. Your plants will love you!