Watering your lawn and garden


For many homeowners the simple task of watering can seem overwhelming. Even timing when you are to water can seem like a challenging task.  Most gardens need on average one and a half inches of water per week. That’s it. And this includes lawns as well. To measure your one and a half inches of water you can buy a rain gauge and place it in your garden bed or lawn to see how long it takes to accumulate the inch and a half. Or you can do what I do and leave the water going for about an hour and a half.  Now we will only need to bring out our hoses and sprinklers once per week!  By doing this we are doing our lawns and flower beds a service. You see, by watering deeply and infrequently we are encouraging our plants and grass to develop a strong, healthy root system and the plants are less susceptible to heat and drought over the course of the summer. And you ask what time of day to do our weekly watering. The best time of day typically to water is in the early morning. This works well because you are not allowing water to sit on your plants overnight and cause disease and you are not watering during the heat of the day where most of the water is lost to through transpiration.  Your plants will love you!