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European Beech aka Hedging Beech

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European Beech is the straight species of trees we know as Dawyck Green or Columnar Beech. These beech are very useful in the landscape to form a formal hedge or screen where year round privacy is desired. They can be pruned to maintain a tight hedge shape, though it is not required yearly. Whether you need your screen 20" wide or 4' wide, this is the tree for you! When using Beech as a hedge or screen you can space them 30" to 40" apart depending on how instant you want privacy.

European mazes and old english gardens use beech. They are great to separate spaces and create rooms in gardens.

Leaves unfurl in spring and mature to a glossy emerald green. Very royal! Leaves turn copper in late fall persisting through the winter until new growth emerges. 

Available this season in great sizes up to 16' plus

European Beech can reach 49' if unpruned and spread 35'