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A must-have plant in any garden. Beautiful long stems of highly fragrant, bee attracting flowers. Lavandula or common name Lavender grows best in full sun and is very tolerant to dry conditions once established. There are many varieties that are highly successful in our growing region to consider. A couple of known favourites are 'Hidcote' and 'Munstead'.  Both bloom purple to deep purple and reach 40-45cm in height and 60cm wide. 

Lavandula x intermedia popular varieties include 'Sensational' or 'Phenomenal'. Again with pruple flowers on extra long wands and intensely fragrant. 'Sensational' reaches 75cm in height and 60cm wide. 'Phenomenal' is tall at 75cm in height and 125cm wide.

Lavandula 'Essence Purple'- Another great variety that blooms a week earlier than the others listed. Great choices for those wishing to add colour and frangrance to their garden.

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners - www.provenwinners.com